Approximately 5.1 miles of 16” natural gas main located within DOT right-of-way along Route 101


The LNG storage facility would consist of several buildings, located on approximately 15 acres, within the 140 acre property adjacent to Route 101 in Epping. 

At the site there would be a full containment LNG storage tank system. A full containment tank system is comprised of an inner-tank made of nickel-steel, which is specially designed to contain the cold liquid. 

This inner tank would be surrounded by a second layer of containment, designed to hold the entire contents of the inner tank, effectively functioning as a second outer tank in the unlikely case the inner tank were to release LNG. The tank would be constructed on-site. 

In addition to the full containment storage tank system, there would be buildings housing the equipment which would cool the natural gas to its liquid state and then warm the natural gas to convert it back into a gaseous state when additional supply is needed. 

We would also have an on-site control center, where our employees would monitor and operate the facility, as well as backup power generators, which would ensure continued operation in the event of a power outage. 

On-site there would also be a building to house the compression equipment, which would be used to compress the natural gas before it is reintroduced to the Granite Bridge pipeline. The compression equipment would run on electricity and not generate any emissions. 

Finally, there would be pretreatment equipment, which will clean the natural gas of any impurities, such as trace amounts of propane and ethane, before it is liquefied. 

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  • Use of Route 101 Energy Infrastructure Corridor minimizes environmental and private property disturbance 

  • Liberty Utilities would like to work with Epping town officials to provide natural gas service from the Granite Bridge pipeline to the residents and businesses of Epping. Epping does not currently have natural gas service. 



$7 million  – Year 1

$150 million – Life of the Project

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*All estimates assume 2017 tax rates. Estimates do not reflect any future changes to state, county or local taxes.