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PRESS RELEASE: Analysis Group and VHB to perform review of Granite Bridge Project

Updated: May 15, 2018

Londonderry, NH – March 15, 2018 - Liberty Utilities announced today that it has hired two highly regarded consulting firms to perform important analysis for the Granite Bridge infrastructure project. Analysis Group will be performing an economic evaluation of the project proposal. Engineering, planning, science and design firm VHB will be leading the project’s environmental permitting.

Granite Bridge would bring needed natural gas, from existing infrastructure located in the Seacoast region to the central part of New Hampshire through an underground pipeline. This new pipeline would be located completely within the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) right-of-way along Route 101, a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor. New Hampshire’s economy depends on a reliable supply of energy. Granite Bridge would provide long-term access to safe, reliable, clean natural gas.

Analysis Group is a well-respected, independent economic consulting firm that has provided thoughtful examination of the economic benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), an assessment of the need for new interstate natural gas infrastructure to serve electric generators (for the Massachusetts Attorney General), and a review of the economic benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

According to Susan Fleck, President of Liberty Utilities’ New Hampshire operations, “We believe that the Granite Bridge is critical to the economic vitality of New Hampshire. Providing residents and businesses with continued access to low-cost, stable energy prices is vital to the economic well-being of our state. Analysis Group will use their expertise and experience to perform an independent study of the economic impact of the Granite Bridge. This study will focus on the project’s impact to local employment, tax revenues, property values and the state’s economy as a whole.” Fleck continued, “Analysis Group is renowned for their independence and thorough examination of complex energy market and policy issues. We look forward to sharing the results of their study with the regulators and people of New Hampshire.”

VHB has a wealth of New Hampshire experience, having provided environmental compliance and permitting services to several major infrastructure projects including the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project, Groton Wind Farm and Liberty’s recent upgrade to an existing natural gas distribution main along Route 106.

“VHB’s environmental expertise, strong New Hampshire presence and knowledge of the NHDOT’s procedures will enable us to construct the Granite Bridge to the highest environmental standards, with minimal disruption to property and the natural environment.” Added Fleck. “Their work on complex energy infrastructure projects that have gone before the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee, and our own first-hand experience with them on a natural gas main upgrade along Route 106, a project very similar to the proposed Granite Bridge Project, is invaluable on a project like the Granite Bridge.”

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