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PRESS RELEASE: Liberty unveils plan to bring additional natural gas supply to NH customers.

Updated: May 15, 2018

Londonderry, NH – December 04, 2017 Liberty Utilities announced today a new infrastructure project designed to bring additional natural gas supply to New Hampshire’s residents and businesses. The project, called Granite Bridge, would bring natural gas from existing infrastructure located in the Seacoast region to the central part of the state through an underground pipeline. This new pipeline would be located completely within the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) right-of-way along Route 101, a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor. New Hampshire’s economy depends on a reliable supply of energy. Granite Bridge would provide long-term access to safe, reliable, clean natural gas, which would promote job creation and economic development, while lowering heating bills for Granite State families. 

According to Susan Fleck, President of Liberty Utilities’ New Hampshire operations, “The State’s existing natural gas infrastructure in central New Hampshire is nearing capacity. In as little as just a few years, we could be turning down new requests for natural gas service from residents and businesses.” Fleck went on to say that doing so would severely hamper economic growth in the state. “The availability of natural gas is an important factor when businesses choose to locate here or expand their existing operations,” said Fleck. “Clean-burning, low cost natural gas is very attractive to businesses and homeowners alike.”

The proposed Granite Bridge project would connect the existing Portland Natural Gas Transmission System and Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline facilities in Stratham with the existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline facilities in Manchester. The proposed 16” pipeline would utilize an Energy Infrastructure Corridor and be buried completely within the NHDOT right-of-way along Route 101, mitigating environmental and private and municipal property impacts. 

The Granite Bridge project also includes a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility capable of storing up to two billion cubic feet of natural gas. New natural gas storage would allow the Company to purchase natural gas in the summer when prices are low and store it for use in winter when prices have been historically higher, and this is expected to provide significant cost savings for Liberty Utilities’ current and future customers. The storage facility would be located in an abandoned quarry adjacent to Route 101 in Epping. 

“This project is solely for current customers and future growth in New Hampshire,” said Chico DaFonte, Vice President of Regulated Infrastructure Development. “As the New England energy market continues to be challenged by supply constraints, Granite Bridge will provide our New Hampshire customers with a more reliable and secure supply of natural gas and a measure of energy independence.” Because the project would be located completely in New Hampshire and only serve customers in New Hampshire, it will be reviewed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, the New Hampshire Siting Evaluation Committee, and other State agencies to ensure it meets New Hampshire’s needs.

“We are committed to achieving the highest level of safety and quality throughout the construction and operation of the Granite Bridge project,” added Fleck. “We intend to engage highly trained engineers and local construction workers to build the new infrastructure. Our goal is to design and construct the project to not just meet, but to exceed the safety requirements.” 

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