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PRESS RELEASE: New Hampshire’s Three Largest Chambers of Commerce Endorse Granite Bridge Project

Updated: May 15, 2018

Londonderry, NH – April 02, 2018 - Liberty Utilities is pleased to announce that the Greater Nashua, Manchester and Concord Chambers of Commerce have endorsed the Granite Bridge natural gas infrastructure project. Together these three chambers of commerce represent nearly 2,500 businesses, who employ tens of thousands of workers across New Hampshire.

Granite Bridge would bring needed natural gas from existing infrastructure located in the Seacoast region to the central part of New Hampshire through an underground pipeline. This new pipeline would be located completely within the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) right-of-way along Route 101, a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor.

Granite Bridge also features a new liquefied natural gas storage facility, proposed to be sited in an abandoned quarry in Epping. This storage facility would allow Liberty Utilities to purchase natural gas when prices are low, store it on-site and then offer it to customers when prices increase. The savings from the stored low-cost natural gas would be passed directly to Liberty’s customers. New Hampshire’s economy depends on a reliable supply of energy, and Granite Bridge would provide long-term access to safe, reliable, clean natural gas.

“Energy infrastructure projects, like the Granite Bridge, are needed to support economic growth in the Manchester-area,” said to Michael Skelton, President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. “Access to low-cost natural gas service is critical to keeping businesses competitive. Without the Granite Bridge, businesses in Manchester will no longer have access to the cheapest available heating fuel, which will not only increase costs for our existing businesses, but will make Manchester a much less attractive option for businesses looking to relocate.”

“The concept of the Granite Bridge project just makes good business sense,” said Tracy Hatch, President of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. “Buying natural gas in the summer when it’s cheaper, then storing it and using it to provide summertime-priced gas to customers when market prices spike in the winter, is an innovated solution to stabilize and reduce energy costs. The Granite Bridge is a great solution for businesses in greater Nashua to keep their heating and industrial costs low, which in turn will drive economic development in our community.”

“Using a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor to connect existing infrastructure together is a smart approach that mitigates potential impacts to private property and the environment,” said Tim Sink, President of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. “Siting the storage facility at the bottom of an abandoned quarry is beneficial from a safety and a visual impact perspective. We really need to be able to get critical energy infrastructure built in New Hampshire.”

According to Susan Fleck, President of Liberty Utilities’ New Hampshire operations, “We are thrilled New Hampshire’s three largest chambers of commerce have decided to endorse the Granite Bridge. We took great care in designing the project to be the least impactful, lowest-cost option to meet our customers’ needs. Businesses throughout New Hampshire have been calling for investments in energy infrastructure to lower costs, we believe Granite Bridge offers the best option to help lower heating costs and promote economic development.”

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