By New Hampshire. For New Hampshire.

Welcome to Granite Bridge

For nearly 200 years natural gas has helped heat homes and businesses in New Hampshire. Clean burning natural gas has become the fuel of choice for many in the Granite State because of its low cost, convenience and flexibility. However, the natural gas infrastructure in New Hampshire has reached capacity. In order to support continued economic growth and keep energy costs low, additional natural gas supply is needed.

The Granite Bridge Project is designed to meet New Hampshire’s energy needs while respecting our state. Granite Bridge would bring additional natural gas through an underground pipeline from the Seacoast to the central part of the state. This new pipeline, would be located in the NHDOT’s right-of-way along NH Route 101, a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor.

Granite Bridge would link two existing pipelines together, taking advantage of existing infrastructure while minimizing environmental and private property impacts. The addition of liquefied natural gas storage to the project, will reduce costs, increase reliability and give Granite Staters increased control over energy costs. 

Granite Bridge is being developed by Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire’s largest natural gas utility. Based in Londonderry, Liberty Utilities will use the gas to serve the people of New Hampshire. Granite Bridge will be reviewed by New Hampshire officials to ensure it meets New Hampshire’s needs.

Granite Bridge: For New Hampshire. By New Hampshire. 

More information coming soon